Terms of Service


Quote requests that do not contain the “password/codeword” given in these Terms of Service or have unreasonable requests (such as 2 week deadlines) will be ignored. Not reading the ToS will result in a delay of service! 😦

​​​Getting A Quote

Please click the “Request a Quote” link above to get started on your quote. Be advised; getting a quote is NOT reserving a space for commission nor is it a contract for commission. They are simply an estimate of the total cost regarding the creation of your cosplay. Quotes will only be valid for 90 days after they are given. Quote requests can take anywhere from 5-7 business days to process, so keep an eye on your e-mails!
 **Shipping costs are NOT included in quotes and will be charged separately. We reserve the right to select shipping methods and carriers. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged products.**

​Age Restrictions

Stormbound Cosplay is primarily a “one woman” studio based in Spring, TX. Therefore, due to the small size of the studio, we will only work with people over the age of 18. Stormbound Cosplay reserves the right to refuse service to those underage or suspected of being underage and will request identification upon quote acceptance. This is a change that was very difficult for us to make, but unfortunately, this is non-negotiable. 

Payment Information

Upon commission, clients are expected to pay a 30% non-refundable down payment of the quoted price. Work on the commission will not be prioritized until full payment is completed. Payment plans may be discussed between Stormbound Cosplay and client for all orders over $700. Any modification of materials during the creation process may be an additional charge. Stormbound Cosplay takes PayPal ONLY. If an e-check is received through PayPal, we reserve the right to pause work until the e-check has cleared.


Refunds will not be available for the 30% non-refundable deposit, regardless of circumstance. If a client must cancel the commission during cosplay construction, refunds will be issued based upon what percentage of work is not completed. Refunds will not be available once the costume is complete.

​Warranty and Repairs

We understand how fun it is to wear your fursuit and cosplay; and we know how wear and tear can occur even if you are very diligent about care. Therefore, all cosplays will be covered by a 1-year warranty in which all MINOR repairs caused by normal usage will be free. Major repairs (such as heat-damaged fur, stains, and others) may be an additional charge. For health and safety reasons, suits must be washed before shipped to us. Cost of shipping must be covered both ways by the client. Stormbound Cosplay reserves the right to void warranty at our discretion.

Schedule and Deadlines

An estimated schedule will be given upon commission order; however, we must stress that we can only estimate the completion time. We will not accept any deadlines, but we will take conventions and other events into consideration. We strive for quality always; and that can take time. Please consider this before ordering and give ample time to complete the order!

**If delays occur at any time, we will communicate with each client via our Discord server. You will receive an invite to the server at the time of commissioning.**

Updates & Work-in-Progress

Clients will be updated of regular progress via e-mail. Clients may also check our Trello at any time.  However, if you do want updates, clients will be able to message us, e-mail us, or watch their creation being made on Twitch (per their approval). Otherwise, updates will take place upon a set schedule that the client will be informed of prior to starting the project. This schedule is a tentative outline of the design and building process and may be subject to change.

Click Here to see our Trello

​Sizing and Measurements

Full suits require a full-body Duct Tape Dummy (DTD). Please use strong, new duct tape for the dummy. DTD’s are recommended to be made on a painting suit (available at most hardware stores) or with skin tight clothing (such as leggings). Half-suits will be required to have a DTD created based on their suit selection (upper body vs. lower body). Please make sure to tape all the way down to ankles, wrists, and neck. If you plan to lose or gain any weight before your commission, PLEASE WAIT until you are finished; then make your DTD and start your commission. If you do not wait, the suit has the potential to fit improperly.

C-O-D-E-W-O-R-D: Pineapples

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