Fursuit Prices

Base Prices Visual Guide

If looking for a partial, disregard the above image and refer to the written price list below.

In order to reduce time between quote responses and help potential clients find their perfect fursuit, we’ve decided to try something new! To help users who may be looking for extremely rough quotes and/or are window shopping, we now have the Fursuit Price Visual Guide above! Hopefully this handy-dandy little guide can help solve some of those burning questions!

Have a design in your head but don’t have it drawn out? Feel free to use our F2U Canine Base! (You’re free to make lineart edits if you need to — just don’t remove any credits!)

All prices are subject to change and are based upon quotes given prior to commissioning. For more information, please read through the entirety of the Terms of Service.
All prices listed are in USD. For conversion rates, please visit XE.com’s currency converter, found here.

Fursuit Pricing

  • $1000 + Fursuit Head (3D Modeled w/ talking jaw)
  • $1200 + Mini Partial (includes head + handpaws + tail)
  • $1300 + Partial (includes head + handpaws + feetpaws + 1 pair of armsleeves + tail)
  • $2000 + Full Suit, plantigrade
  • $2200 + Full Suit, digitigrade

Basic Addons

  • Earrings and/or Jewelry — +50
  • Arm Sleeves / Leg Sleeves — +60 per additional set
  • Plush Collar & Leash — +40 per set
  • Hidden Pockets — +10 per pocket
  • Eyelids — +25 per pair
  • Interchangeable tongues (made with Velcro and/or magnets) —
    • +15 per tongue
    • + 5 extra for wired tongue/magnetic tongue – must be one or the other, cannot be both
  • Head Upgrade Packages
    • TEEFERS — Get an extra/interchangable jawset for your head! — +30
    • LUDACROUS SPEED — Upgrade your fan to an adjustable speed fan with a battery pack! — +40
    • FULL PACKAGE — Get both the TEEFERS and LUDACROUS SPEED upgrades! — +70

Advanced Addons

  • Specialty Props – Pricing varies on size/complexity of prop.
    • +25-250 range. Simple small items will be cheaper than heavily complex small items, and vice versa.
  • Plushie Backpack of your Character — +100
  • Additional Fursuit Parts – (Only available to commissioners who have purchased a suit or product from the Base Price list. Stormbound Cosplay does not sell single fursuit parts.)
    • Additional Tail — +75
    • Additional Handpaws — +100
    • Additional Feetpaws — +180
  • Silicone and Resin Parts (tongue, noses, etc.) will be ordered from Fuzzbutt Fursuits/DreamVision Creations respectively and are an additional charge based on color, price, shipping, and items involved. For these items, a quote request will be required.

Important Notes

3D Modeled Heads — These are a new addition to the Stormbound Cosplay line! They are custom modeled in tandem with Fuzzbutt Fursuits (heads, jawsets, claws, LED’s, and more!) and Fear Caller Creations (eye blanks, toony teeth singles). All Stormbound Cosplay suits are now made with a custom 3D modeled headbase with eye rims and teeth.*
*Plush teeth and basic handmade eyes are available upon request.

Experimental Suits — I am open to experimenting on different types and styles of fursuit, but clients must be aware that this may incur additional costs based upon the complexities of the suit and availability of materials. As such, Experimental Suits are ones that I have not marked to be priority suits and are ones I will take my time with.

Creative Freedom –  I do not offer discounts on a normal basis, but clientele who allow me creative freedom with their suits will receive a discount based on the character’s complexity and type of suit they commissioned. This discount will not equal more than 15% of the fursuit’s total cost.

**I do not offer individual fursuit parts (such as body, tails, feet, handpaws), headbases, LEDs or realistic styles. However, current or former clients may be allowed to purchase single items if necessary. This is subject to change based on the Experimental Fursuits listed above.

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