Fursuit Care

General Care

  • BRUSH. YOUR. SUIT! — do this after every wear and gently brush it before wearing it to maintain optimal awesome!
  • After wearing your suit, spray with a isopropyl alcohol/water/essential oil solution (3:1 alcohol/water, 5-6 drops of essential oil, do not use eucalyptus as it can eat away at the fur.)
    • Head – Leave head upside down and spray gently. Let dry completely before wearing.
    • Hand paws/feet paws –  spray down gently on the inside of the items. Let dry completely before wearing.
    • Full suits/Half suits – turn inside out and spray moderately, then turn it back and spray the outer fur gently. Let dry completely before wearing.
  • When wearing a fursuit, make sure to follow the usual convention rules of 6-2-2.
    • 6 hours of sleep – Fursuiting without enough sleep can be dangerous. Fatigue can cause headaches, dizziness, muscle weakness, impaired decision-making, and even fainting.
    • 2 meals – Not having enough food can make you fatigued!
    • 2 showers a day – it will cut down on sweat and help keep your suit fresh.

Washing and Cleaning

  • Body suits can be machine washed in cold water with Woolite detergent. Turning a suit inside out can help preserve the fur. Do not add fabric softener.
  • Heads and feet should be hand-washed in cold/cool water.
  • DO NOT USE A CLOTHES DRYER. Air dry your suit gently over two chairs or a drying rack. Do not hang to dry, as this can stretch the fur fabric and create patches.
  • Brush gently halfway through drying, and again when drying is completed. Do not pull on fur while brushing as it can damage the backing underneath.
  • Do not take suit to dry cleaners.
  • Store your suit in a cool, dry environment, away from light. Excessive light can damage fur colors.
  • Improper cleaning procedures can result in a damaged suit and voided warranty. 😦

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